Metta Prints in Better Homes and Gardens!


Guess who has a full page feature in Better Homes and Gardens special Holiday Crafts edition this month? We do! Metta Prints is making a splash on page 56 with our favorite minimalistic trio of deer. They are so cute!


It’s funny how popular these deer have become. We made them on a whim last year thinking they’d be fun for a Christmas photo shoot but they have quickly become the darling of Etsy which means good clicks for us!

If you’d like some deer of your very own you can buy them here. They are quick to assemble and dis-assemble (after the holidays) and they won’t even eat your garden. They’re also great for store windows, pop displays or even stage props. Check out our mini deer too. They are super cute for your desk! Well, maybe not your desk but definitely better for more spatially challenged homes.